NTB - Re Bid Electronic Beach Badge System


Notice To Prospective Vendors

RE-BID electronic Beach Badge System Oceanfront within The City of Long Branch

TAKE NOTICE, that the City of Long Branch is seeking proposals, pursuant to the competitive contracting process set forth in N.J.S.A. 40A:11-4.1(j), from interested vendors who will offer electronic beach badge system, on the City’s beaches, during the summer season of 2019.  All proposals shall be subject to the following requirements:

1.         Proposals must be received on or before 11:00 a.m. prevailing time on Thursday, March 7, 2019, in order to be considered.  All proposals shall be delivered to the attention of the Long Branch City Clerk, Kathy Schmelz, at City Hall (Second Floor), 344 Broadway, Long Branch, N.J., 07740. All proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, and shall bear the words “Electronic Beach Badge system” written conspicuously on the front exterior of the envelope.  Proposals shall be opened, read aloud and recorded at 11:00 a.m. prevailing time on Thursday March 7, 2019.  No proposals shall be considered if received after that time.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that delivery of the proposal is made to the City Clerk, and not merely to the City’s Municipal Building, in a timely manner.


2.        The term of the contract shall start the summer season of 2019, with an option to renew the contact for four (4) additional years.  The option period for the four (4) additional years shall cover the summer seasons of 2020 and through 2023.  Exercise of the option to renew shall be subject to the mutual agreement of both parties.  The life of the entire contact shall not exceed the summer seasons of five (5) years.


3.         The successful vendor must execute a written contractual Agreement with the City, which Agreement shall be in a form satisfactory to the City Attorney, within ten (10) business days after acceptance of the proposal by the Mayor and Council.

4.        The successful vendor must provide professional insurance coverage, and shall name the City as an additional insured on its policy.  This requirement, and all other requirements, shall be specified in the written contractual Agreement between the parties.

5.        The Mayor and Council of the City of Long Branch reserve the right to reject all proposals, in the sole discretion of the City, and to waive any minor nonmaterial defects when it may be in the best interests of the City to do so.

6.         Any questions regarding the requirements associated with submission of a proposal may be directed during regular business hours to the Purchasing Agent, David Spaulding, at City Hall, prior to the opening of proposals.  Mr. Spaulding may be reached at telephone number (732) 571-5655.

David Spaulding

Purchasing Agent

City of Long Branch County of Monmouth