Garbage, Trash, Recycling or any debris




These are the rules and regulations regarding Garbage, Trash, Recycling or any debris placed at the curb for collection in the City of Long Branch.


Non-putrescible solid waste, contaminated paper, food waste, non-recyclable plastics, ceramics, blue and fiat glass and other similar materials, excluding building materials and household hazardous waste.

Garbage Collection

It is very important to know that each dwelling unit is responsible for the maintenance of their property. Failure to comply with City regulations can cause a summons to be issued, resulting in a court appearance and fine.

All homes are required to place trash, debris, or recycling at the curb for collection no earlier than 5:00PM the evening before collection. Containers are to be removed within 12 hours after collection.

All trash will be placed in a reusable container with tight fitting covers and shall not exceed 32 gallons and not more than 50 lbs when filled. It shall be disinfected regularly. Any debris that will not fit in these containers should be bagged, or bound to, prevent scattering by wind, person or animal. Maximum of four containers or four bags per unit per pickup day.

NO building materials, household hazardous waste, dry industrial waste, laboratory, infectious and /or medical waste, grass clippings, dirt, or any other matter not specifically permitted materials.

Building materials can be disposed of through the rental of a dumpster for that purpose. Call Dept. of Public Works at 732-571-6520 for more information.


Recycling materials SHALL NOT be placed in plastic bags.

Newspaper- Compacted and tied securely in bundles, not to exceed 50 lbs.

Mixed Paper- Compacted and tied securely in bundles, not to exceed 50 lbs.

Cardboard- Compacted and tied securely in bundles, not to exceed 50 lbs.. No more than eight separately tied bundles per unit per pickup

Bottles and Cans- Cleaned and empty bottles and cans shall be placed in a reusable container not more than 32 gallons or exceed 50 lbs.. Flattening of cans reduces transportation costs.


The City does not collect paint nor should it be placed in the garbage. Must be taken to County HHW site. See City web site for details

Report code violations to Code Enforcement at

732-222-7000 x 5651


Bulk Waste

Collected from residential property only

All homes are required to place bulk waste at the curb for collection no earlier than 5:00PM the evening before collection. Containers are to be removed within 12 hours after collection. Bulk waste are large items, such as furniture, appliances, carpets and padding. See below for pickup info.

Brush shall be placed at the curb and not extend more than 3 feet into the street; Maximum volume size 4 ft Hx3 ft Wx8 ft L. Brush will be collected from March 15th-June 1st and Sept 15th-December 31st. Residents may bring brush to the Atlantic Ave Recycling Center, with proof of residency in the City, at any time during the year; no commercial entities accepted. Between the dates of June 2nd-Sept 14th; January 1st- March 14th, must call DPW for a brush pickup. Landscapers are responsible for removal of all brush/debris.

Grass clippings are not considered brush and will not be collected. Brush includes branches, stumps, limbs measuring not more than six inches in diameter and 4 foot lengths, from trees, shrubs, hedges or other garden/yard plantings

Leaves- Accepted bagged year round; loose from Nov 1st-to Dec 31st and April 1st to May 31st placed a curb.

Voluntary Recycling Center

The Voluntary Recycling Drop Off Center is located at 378 Atlantic Ave. opposite the Pleasure Bay ball field/playground. Its operational hours are Monday- Friday, 7:30 AM to 3PM and Saturday, 9AM to 1PM.

Residents may bring these items to the Drop Off Center:

Commingled metal cans, bottle glass and #1 and/or#2 plastic bottles. Do not place these items in a plastic bag for disposal at the yard, since they are dumped into a container. Mixed paper consisting of newspaper, junk mail, office paper, magazines, advertisements. Cardboard- please flatten and tie in bundles on not more than 50 Lbs.

Electronic items, consisting of TV's, computers, laptops and monitors, must be brought to the Recycling Center. City does not collect these items at the curb. Fax machines, scanners, keyboards, mouse, printers, radios, DVD players, VCR machines are not mandatory under the law, but are encouraged to be recycled or place out for Bulk. For additional information, see Article on Electronic Waste Management for more details on city website;

Collection Schedule

South of Broadway- Garbage Monday and Thursday

Recycling- paper goods-Monday; glass, cans and plastic-Thursday

North of Broadway- Garbage Tuesday and Friday

Recycling- paper goods- Tuesday; glass, cans and plastic- Friday

Bulk collection- 1st and 3rd Wednesday South of Broadway; 2nd and 4th Wednesday North of Broadway, unless cancelled for a holiday. Call 732-571-6520 or check website for information