Public Library Board

John Pallone, City Liaison

All meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm. If that day falls on a holiday, the meeting is held the following day. Meetings rotate between the Main Library and the Elberon Branch:

Long Branch Public Library                               Elberon Branch 
328 Broadway                                                176 Lincoln Avenue 
Long Branch NJ 07740                                    Elberon, NJ 07740


Board Members:

Mayor John Pallone    (Vice President 12/31/19)  unexpired
Michael Salvatore, LB BOE Superintendent          unexpired

Roberto Ferragina          President                  12/31/2020
Mary George                   Secretary                 12/31/2021
Jack Kearns                     Treasurer                 12/31/2021
Theresa Dangler              Trustee                    12/31/2018
Kathryn Tarantino             Trustee                    12/20/2020
Linda Toye                        Trustee                    12/31/2019